Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cocktail Hutch

I just completed a piece of furniture for a family member, using a design from This Old House Magazine. It's called a cocktail hutch and is made from solid wood. Cutting a bunch of lumber from LOWES into a nice, functional piece of furniture presented some fun challenges!

  From This:
To This!

Handmade vinyl storm windows for a porch

Recently, I made a dozen porch storm windows out of light weight PVC/vinyl material and plexi-glass inserts. These are not energy efficient, however, for porch use they are perfect. Easy to remove and reinstall each year, these windows provide a wind break for your enclosed area. Keep dirt and moisture from ruining your possessions. No painting and easy cleaning!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Garage opening showing it's age?

I recently helped a Harborcreek homeowner who complained that his garage door opening and the trim pieces surrounding it-- were rotting out. After shopping for the appropriate PVC trim pieces and door jambs, I completed the job. The old door jams were cut about 2' off the ground and replaced with new pressure treated lumber that was secured with both nails and masonry screws. New trim seals, and brick moldings were mitered and attached. Finally, silicon caulk and paint completed the job. If your garage needs an update, contact me and we can discuss your situation. 814-440-4737 bj.hickey@hotmail.com

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Circular stairway project in Harborcreek

This project was challenging on a number of fronts.  Most specifically, cutting a 56" x 56" hole in someone's living room is nothing to take lightly!  The customer wanted to install steel circular stairs on his ranch style home, made by Spiral Stairs of America, based in Erie, on Franklin Avenue.  After analyzing the situation we proceeded to design two temporary support walls, installed headers and sister floor joists to ensure the missing floor area was supported properly and according to building codes.   All went well,  The stairs were built exactly to our specifications and they were installed in just under an hour.  Bringing in the 12' tall steel stairs in one piece was another challenge, since they had to be "corkscrewed" through the side door and then again as it went "down the hole" to it's final resting place on the basement floor.  Here are some photos of the stairway, the railings, and yours truly.

Again, the homeowner decided to assist in this project.  I can always use an extra hand!

Breezeway makeover in Erie

Here is a recent project I completed in Erie.  It involved re-framing an existing breezeway, adding two new windows, two new doors, and vinyl siding.  The owner wanted to get involved, so we did it together.  They bought many of the materials, and I provided additional labor, tools, and advice.  A fun project that didn't take very long.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Catastrophic event? (Fire, flood, etc.)

If you should ever have the misfortune of a fire, flood, or other calamitous event, be sure to call Erie Restoration Inc. 24/7 for immediate help.  They are locally owned, experienced professionals who will quickly restore your family's home and peace of mind.  They handle everything! 

Keep their number handy: 814-835-HELP.
2669 West 17th Street, Suite A
Erie, PA 16505