Wednesday, October 8, 2008


For Mobile Home owners, renters, park managers: HELP IS HERE!

For several years I have worked on and rehabbed many mobile homes.
This has included:

repairing soft or rotted floors
reparing or replacing toilets
installation of storm windows
sealing roofs
repairing decks/roofs
replacing windows
replacing wallboard/sheetrock
installing washer/dryer
repairing doors/locks
installing carpeting
installing laminate flooring
installing linoleum and vinyl flooring
installing tile floors
painting interiors
power washing exteriors
replacing broken exterior porch lights
replacing bathroom/kitchen faucets
replacing hot water tanks
rug cleaning
trash/junk removal

I can help you with your project too! Give me a call at 814-440-4737.
References available.
Insured. Reliable. ...and ON TIME!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Erie Handyman Services

Greetings Erie!

Having a reliable handyman to assist with getting your houses ready for sale or rental is a key dream team member that all real estate investors need. Let me focus on helping you get your houses ready for you while you focus on finding great deals. Call me, Brian Hickey at 814-440-4737 for more information.

I can provide the following services to assist you: Light electrical; light plumbing: hot water tanks (gas/electric), faucets, sinks, PEX, copper, PVC; garbage disposals; carpentry: interior framing; laminate flooring, floor and ceiling moldings; paneling, closet organizers, door hanging; sheet rock repairs; deck repairs; basement water abatement; insulation, ceramic tiling floors; linoleum installs; rug cleaning; exterior power washing; general cleaning; painting, staining. I have six properties of my own and 30+ years experience, but heck--if I don't know how to do something, I'm not too proud to introduce you to someone who does. I generally like smaller jobs that are less than two days in length total. But, there's always exceptions.

I'm also offering a brand new service: House watching/maintenance for "snowbirds". This is a great way to protect your property when on vacation. I will personally come on a scheduled basis, inspect your home's primary systems, send info updates/photos via email if desired, and have it ready when you return. When power outages occur in the winter/spring, this is a critical service to have!

Thanks for visiting and happy investing!!

P.S. Senior citizens receive a 10% discount.

~Brian H.